Honor Guard

In general, an honor guard performs at funerals and ceremonies wearing full dress uniforms and observing ceremonial protocol with uniform precision while showing respect and special esteem to a person or event.

Decatur Fire Department formed an Honor Guard in 2009 to honor firefighters in life, as well as death while maintaining a commitment to the traditions of the fire service. The Honor Guard is called upon to represent Decatur Fire Department at funerals and memorial services and also stand guard at funeral homes. The DFD Honor Guard also posts colors at promotional ceremonies, cadet graduations, and other special events.

The DFD Honor Guard is comprised of the following men and women who dedicate their time to practice marching drills and maneuvers:  Dennis Bailey, James Carr, Brandon Peyton, Chris Mercer, Brad Largent, Ashlee Schmitz and Anthony Pileggi.
HonorGuard 2018