Benefit Listing

Health Insurance:  The city pays 100% for employees’ health care coverage for one out of the three current options.  The employee contributes toward premiums for spouse and family coverage.  There are three plans from which to choose for health insurance.  The employee and family must choose the same plan.  Vision, dental and group life insurance is available for voluntary participation.  Benefit coverage is subject to council approval each year.

TMRS:  The City of Decatur is a participant in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.  All full time employees are required to contribute 7% to TMRS; the City matches it 2 to 1 once an employee has five years vested time.

Vacation/Sick Time:  All full time employees receive 2 weeks paid vacation annually, as well as 6 sick days to be used as needed.

Holiday:  The City of Decatur provides 11 days of paid time off for selected Holidays.  Each employee is allowed one Floating Holiday each year.

Life Insurance:  The City carries life insurance on all full time employees equal to one year of their salary. 

Disability:  The City carries Long Term Disability Insurance on all full time employees that pays 60% of their current salary up to $5,000 monthly after 90 days of leave time has been exhausted.

Uniforms:  The City of Decatur furnishes all uniforms and equipment for police officers, firefighters and Civic Center employees.  The City of Decatur contributes $4.05 weekly toward the cost of uniforms for all other departments.   

OASDI (Social Security) – The employee 6.2% of earnings toward Social Security.

Medicare – The employee pays 1.45% of earnings toward Medicare.

Deferred Compensation Program – SECURITY BENEFIT is an optional tax-deferred supplemental retirement program that allows public employees to contribute a portion of their salary, before taxes, to a retirement account.  An employee may contribute a Minimum of $25 per month.

Direct Deposit – The employee must have semi-monthly paychecks automatically deposited to any financial institution requested.  If the employee chooses, they may elect to get a pay card instead of direct deposit.