Community Connect

Hey, Decatur residents! We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative to enhance our services and better protect our community – introducing Community Connect! 

What is Community Connect?

Community Connect is a FREE, SECURE, and user-friendly platform that empowers YOU to share crucial information about your household. This valuable data will assist our dedicated first responders and emergency personnel in delivering the most effective assistance during critical situations.

Why participate?

By providing details about your household that you believe are essential during an emergency, you play a vital role in ensuring your safety and the protection of everything you hold dear. Whether it's information about family members, pets, medical conditions, or specific details about your property, your input enables us to respond promptly and with precision.

How does it work?

Visit our Community Connect platform (link provided below).

Create a secure profile for your household.

Input relevant information, such as emergency contacts, medical conditions, and any specific details about your property.

Rest easy knowing that, in case of an emergency, our responders will have the critical information they need to serve you better.

Your safety is our top priority, and Community Connect is another step towards building a safer and more resilient Decatur.  

Let's work together to ensure that we're always prepared and ready to support one another

Sign up for Community Connect here